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Rosa Parks is such an important figure that she is called “the first lady of civil rights” as well as “the mother of the freedom movement”. An activist since her youth, she rose to fame because of her actions and subsequent arrest for refusing to vacate seats for white passengers in Montogomery, Alabama in 1955.

Her actions helped lead to the monumental Browder v. Gayle lawsuit in 1956 which decided that bus segregation was unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Unfortunately, 65 years later, the world is still struggling with racial equality. The Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay and it's the right time to look back and write Rosa Parks essays.

Below is a curated collection of essays on Rosa Parks and what her actions meant, both in the past and in the present.

Interview with Rita Dove Essay
Famous People 5 Pages2365 Words

As a child, Rita Dove had little conception that a person could actually grow up to become a writer, but today she is counted as one of the most influential African American authors in America today. She was the second African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (in 1987) and the first to.

Rosa Parks: My Story Essay
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Rosa Parks is one of the most celebrated African-American human rights activists of twentieth century, who bravely fought in the face of hardships for the noble cause of winning equal status for her African American community. She underwent trials and penalties, but stood as firm as rock to play her role with great honesty for.

Rosa Parks Biography Essay
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This paper is primarily based on the largely spoken and extensively researched topic about the larger-than-life personality and astounding achievements of the world renowned person Rosa Parks, whose most distinguished introductory statement is that she was an overwhelmingly enthusiastic African-American civil rights activist, who pursued her riveting civil rights activities vigorously and relentlessly. Rosa Parks.

Running head: Rosa Park Essay
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The Historiography of Rosa Parks can be in its most simplistic way be done in regards to some of the stunning literary works by renown authors. The few cases that are discussed herein are generally seen to stem from the historic timeline of the social reforms. According to the authors (Danielle L. McGuire 1996), in.

Famous People: Rosa Parks Essay
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Rosa Parks was a highly courageous Afro-American woman who had challenged the racial practices of the Whites and impacted history of America. I strongly believe that the Montgomery bus event of 1955, where she refused to vacate her seat for White, was a major catalyst for civil rights movement that radically changed the American way.

Research Paper on Rosa Parks Essay
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Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist who is world famous as the foremost woman of civil rights. She was awarded this name by United State Congress. 4th February [Her birthday] and 1st December [the date when she was imprisoned] both are now known as Rosa Parks Day. In 1955, she refused to follow the.

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