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There is a growing trend in the world towards the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana. Though marijuana has been shown to have some medical benefits, it is also considered a dangerous and addictive substance. Its widespread use around the world despite its legal status is driving the debate on the issue.

Several countries have legalized marijuana, and many states within the United States have decriminalized it with more and more public support each year. Essays on marijuana legalisation can be about morality, legality, medical benefits, history of use, personal experience, and much more. This is a topic that people feel passionately about on both sides, so research is critical.

Below are a collection of handpicked essays on marijuana legalization that analyze the topic from both sides. There are essays about the science, personal experiences, religious and moral perspectives, and history of the drug. Use them as a resource and guide when thinking about the topic.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Essay
Law 12 Pages6248 Words

The project is a brief discussion about the market of medical marijuana dispensaries in America. We have started with the history of marijuana and then gone over to understanding the concept of medical marijuana dispensaries. Regarding utilizing the medication for medical purposes, however, nobody did it like the people of old. Around 2000 B.C., the.

Marijuana use in the United States of America Essay
Law 7 Pages3296 Words

Stipulating comprehensive regulations is the best solution for containing the problem of marijuana abuse in the United States of America. The following discussion proves this contention. The US has been experiencing increasing acceptance with regard to the medicinal use of marijuana. This could have promoted the altered attitude of teenagers regarding this substance. Since the.

Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act Essay
Law 3 Pages1623 Words

The US Federal law has classified marijuana as a Schedule I Controlled Substance. Consequently, it is illegal to sell, possess, or grow marijuana. Violators of the Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) can be prosecuted for having committed a Federal crime. In addition, such persons can be further prosecuted under Federal law. Some of the actions.

The Legalization of Marijuana and Its effects in the Economy Essay
Law 16 Pages8039 Words

The paper used a review of literature related to the debate on legalization of Marijuan in the US and its impacts on the US economy and society. The research hypothesized that the costs related to the legalization of Marijuana outweigh any benefits that can be drawn. The literature review revealed that it is postulated that.

Legalization of Medical Marijuana Essay
Law 4 Pages1934 Words

The research aims to proffer arguments on the controversial issue of legalization of medical marijuana mainly focusing on policies and regulations governing this issue in the United States. The discussion will place emphasis on individuals who are affected by the legalization of marijuana, the effects that marijuana banks have on the community, the importance of.

Legalization of Marijuana In California Essay
Law 4 Pages1877 Words

The statutory status of Cannabis Sativa is one of the most heated and polarizing debates of our time. In my previous paper, I explored the key viewpoints and arguments in this debate. Based on the results of my exploration and the analysis of these results I will make two claims that I will support with.

The War on Drugs in America Essay
Law 4 Pages1780 Words

The war on drugs in America has been touted for its many accomplishments in helping stop drug abuse. Drugs are dangerous not only because of the financial and psychological effects on society but also because drugs are unraveling the social fabric by gripping our youth in a cycle of drug addiction and disease that can.

Canabis: American Government Essay
Law 4 Pages1827 Words

The American government is welcoming to changes, but also conservative. Same sex marriages and marijuana are not legal on the federal level. Though some states have legalized their use, the federal government has each time overridden their decision through a federal legislation. Despite the fact that states are independent from the federal government with regard.

Effects of cannabis Essay
Law 3 Pages1390 Words

Drugs are part of the society we live in and particularly so are illegal drugs; and these drugs have a role in the creation of social policy. The aim of this paper is to discuss the impact of cannabis on social policy, as well as its history, effects, prevalence of usage and treatment options. History.

The question on the legalization of Marijuana Essay
Law 2 Pages1115 Words

The question on the legalization of marijuana remains a hot topic in the contemporary society, concerning the benefits and demerits that the society faces following the legalization. Consequently, it is better to analyze legalization of marijuana and its effects on the society collectively. Legalization of marijuana is viable owing to the failure of the war.

The legalization of marijuana is a problem? Essay
Law 1 Page608 Words

Question 1: The Problem, Its Essence and Victims The problem herein is the legalization of marijuana. The legalization of marijuana is a problem because the use of the same drug exposes one to addiction and the impairment mental and bodily functions. The use of marijuana readily co-occurs with memory loss, immune system deficiencies, cancer, birth.

Legalizing Medical Marijuana Essay
Law 3 Pages1598 Words

The focus of this research paper is on the beneficial use of medicinal marijuana and why the federal government as well as all states in the United States should pass a law decriminalizing the use of medical marijuana. The paper will explain a brief history of how medical marijuana came about; the beneficial impacts medical.

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