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Imperialism is a specific political policy that implies the use of military force for the purpose of expansion.

Throughout the history of humanity, there have been multiple manifestations of imperialism. Some argue that such a policy can have some positive effects. Yet, it is also proven that imperialism has inconceivable devastating power.

Some experts argue that we can still feel the aftermath of imperialism in the foreign policies of some countries. This may seem irrational in a democratic and tolerant society in the 21st century. Yet, the after-effects are still there to a certain extent, which makes it a relevant essay topic.

Essays on imperialism are engaging to compose. Besides, Imperialism essays can be exciting to write about since the topic is so broad. Thus, it is a good issue to choose to address if you are keen on history and politics.

Below are a few Imperialism essay samples on this subject to get you started.

The (Im)Morality of Imperialism in Orwell‚Äôs ‚ÄúShooting an Elephant‚ÄĚ Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 3 Pages1653 Words

The morality of imperialism is its immorality too. Imperialism begins with the thought that the colonizers are superior to the colonized, and they are doing the latter a moral favor by ruling over them. In ‚ÄúShooting an Elephant,‚ÄĚ George Orwell explores the moral consequences of imperialism in Burma, wherein because of imperialism several moralities emerged,.

Causes of World War I Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 9 Pages4570 Words

The First World War is considered to have been more complicated than the Second World War since it was disorganized and many activities led to its uprising. The major causes of the war are hard to be ascertained. Contrary to World War II whose blame is directed to all parties involved, World War I cannot.

Discussing Theodore Roosevelt’s views of American Nationalism and Imperialism Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 6 Pages3028 Words

The Theodore Roosevelt’s ideology on American Imperialism and Nationalism was majorly motivated by his strong belief in the superiority that existed in the Anglo-Saxon peoples in relation to civilization and race. Some of his famous remarks and speeches indicate his clear position and views towards nationalism and imperialism. A good example is his remarks that.

Imperialism, World War 1 and Anti-Colonialism. Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 2 Pages1072 Words

Great Britain’s Imperialism found its strongest expression in the economic exploitation of resource-rich India, which provided valuable raw material and also constituted a significant market for manufactured British goods (Lecture 5). By 1930, India was caught up in a nationalist, anti-colonial movement aimed at ending British rule, spearheaded by Gandhi. Gandhi’s Salt March, depicted in.

A Review of Kipling‚Äôs Kim: Imperialism, Individualism, and the ‚ÄúGreat Game‚ÄĚ Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 4 Pages2165 Words

Espionage, on the surface, exhibits adventure and intrigue, but real espionage in colonial history exposes the efforts of different Empires in controlling the fates of their colonies. Rudyard Kipling’s Kim resonates with the familiar themes of mystery and suspense that most espionage and detective novels have. Kipling, however, has chosen a setting for his novel.

Imperialism: the problem with empires Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 2 Pages1191 Words

Leaders throughout time and region have believed that increasing their physical land holdings will somehow make them immune to the troubles that many other countries had. In addition these leaders believed that no matter how their subjects were treated, the citizens were better off in an empire versus a smaller country or land holding. This.

Effects of Coffee and British Imperialism on the Global Economy from 1870 to 1910 Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 5 Pages2407 Words

The 19th century global economy was significantly influenced by the coffee trade which was largely supported vast British Empire and investments. Coffee increasingly became one of the most valuable commodities in the international trade particularly between 1870 and 1910. The global trade during those periods was characterized by heavy European consumption of raw materials which.

How Useful is the Cultural Imperialism Thesis? Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 6 Pages3023 Words

Globalisation is expanding its horizons. Giants like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Benetton, and Sony are not only selling their products globally but also specific images and lifestyles. This phenomenon raises the query of how this process is influencing homogenisation and differentiation of global cultural development. It is becoming more common that people come across efforts by these.

New Imperialism in Africa (Sudan and Egypt) Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 6 Pages2892 Words

Colonialism/Imperialism Case Study New Imperialism in Africa (Sudan and Egypt) Annotated Bibliogrpahy Internet Sources: Iweriebor, E. E. G. “The Colonization of Africa,’ Africana Age, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. (n.d.). (Retrieved March, 295th 2012). This essay provides general information on colonization of Africa from the 1870s to 1900. During this time, Africa.

How far does Lenin’s theory of capitalist imperialism explain the Scramble for Africa Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 5 Pages2333 Words

The explanation of political decisions in the context of the international community is often based on specific economic and social criteria. Moreover, it seems that these criteria are not standardized, being influenced by the political, economic and social conditions of each era. However, there are certain concepts, such those of capitalism and imperialism which can.

Imperialism: human nature Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 2 Pages1078 Words

Humankind rules over all the other living things on earth and never tire in looking for ways to extend its dominion beyond the limits of the planet. Man wants to rule the universe. But then again, perhaps there is no other specie of living things that is as destructive as the human race. Man destroys.

Nationalism and imperialism in British Africa Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 4 Pages2126 Words

The term ‘imperialism’, which was coined in 1858 to mean ‘despotism’, changed in 1881 to take on the meaning ‘principle or spirit of empire and advocacy of imperial interests’ in 1881 (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 1959). To this could be added Lord Rosebery’s definition, ‘greater pride in Empire’ (Eldridge 1978:3). The history of anti-colonial struggles.

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