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“Gun Control refers to legal controls put on the manufacture, sale, and usage of guns and firearms. Gun control is as old as the United States itself, with the second amendment stating “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Since multiple high-profile assassinations in the 1960s including John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gun control became a huge political debate and see the rise of the National Rifle Association.

With the rise of gun-related violence in America today, the debate around gun control is at a fever pitch and students who write about it have the opportunity to examine a heated and relevant topic from multiple angles, as well as use personal anecdotes and opinions.

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Gun Control: Defense from criminals and danger Essay
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Defense from criminals and danger is always the most important thing to all people. The increase in crime across the world has necessitated gun ownership for safety across the world. Many people are applying for personal guns to protect themselves from criminals. However, gun ownership has come under scrutiny. There have been suggestions that licensed.

Gun Control: Background of the Study Essay
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The issue of gun control has had various debates and arguments for those who support and those against stricter laws of gun ownership. In reality, the Second Amendment within the United States constitution is responsible for the issues of gun control. In this respect, this part of the constitution is interpreted by many that people.

Gun Control Facts Essay
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One of the prevailing myths regarding gun control is that it has been shown to reduce crime rates in foreign countries. In reality this is a false assumption and research has demonstrated this to be inaccurate. One of the major misconceptions regarding gun control in foreign countries is that it greatly reduces the murder rate..

A brief history of gun control

As with many rules and laws in the early days of the United States, the second amendment applied to white men. While a law passed in 1972 required white men to purchase a gun and enroll in a citizen militia, black people were barred from owning guns. The first modern gun control laws were passed in the 1930s in response to prohibition-era gangsters, with the next wave of regulations in the 1960s.

Gun Control: To Regulate or Not to Regulate? Essay
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One of the most controversial, heated, and debated issues of the modern world involve gun control. Guns can be incredibly dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. In reaction to that reality many average, every day people feel compelled to own guns in order to protect themselves from others misuse or abuse of such weapons. While.

Gun Control in United States Essay
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The human mind has gone through many phases of developmental changes. On reaching the part where it recognized how to comprehend ideas and the capacity of reasoning, he started questioning several issues around him. One such issue that became a thought provoking topic was that of Gun Control. The matter has been a subject of.

Gun control in USA Essay
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Gun control is not considered as a single issue rather it is considered as a root cause of many issues more considerably contributing towards a crime issue and even a rights issue by some people. Moreover it is also considered as a political, educational, security and even a racial issue. Gun control leads to focusing.

Gun laws are diverse around the world with countries like China, Japan, and Singapore essentially banning civilians from owning firearms of any sort. On the other hand, only three countries in the world - America, Mexico, and Guatemala - have a constitutional right to bear arms. Just like the situation around the founding of America shaped its gun control laws, every country has different laws based on its individual history and circumstance.