Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are similar to persuasive essays but the main difference is that a persuasive essay uses more emotional appeals to change the view of the reader whereas an argumentative essay relies more on facts and logic. Argumentative essays are more formal than persuasive essays.

Argumentative essays are assigned to test the students’ research and analytical skills. You have to know the pros and cons of your position and be able to highlight the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses. Argumentative writing is useful in anything that relies on being persuasive through hard facts.

Learning to write a good argumentative essay will teach you to critically analyze a position and how to defend your point from attacks. It's a skill that will be useful all through life, whether it's at work, or in an argument with friends. Have a look at the argumentative essay samples below to see how they are written.

Education and Poverty and Income Inequality Levels Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 2 Pages1136 Words

In different communities, people live with different economic statuses, with some falling under the poverty category. Poverty levels could be attributed to distinct factors. For example, a person’s education level may render them to white-collar jobs, thus minimizing the chances of perishing in poverty. On the other hand, the lack of employment despite the level.

Animal Rights Argumentative Essay Essay
Social Issues 1 Page597 Words

Animal rights have been a consistent subject of debate, with animal activists emphasizing the need to differentiate between animal rights and welfare. The government’s failure to lay down sufficient legislation to help in the protection of animals from human predation has made it difficult for several people to believe in animal rights. It is essential.

World War 1 ‚Äď An Argumentative Essay
Government/ Politics/ Economy 3 Pages1641 Words

‚ÄúIn 1914 Germany deliberately embarked on a grab for world power. German ‚Ä®imperialism should thus be considered as the major cause of the First Word War‚ÄĚ World War 1 has been an unforgettable chapter in world history. There have been several arguments for the real cause of World War 1 however, not all the arguments.

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