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A Rose for Emily Essay

‚ÄúA Rose for Emily ‚ÄĚThe main story of ‚ÄúA rose for Emily‚ÄĚ, written by William Faulker, revolves around Emily Grierson. The Griersons believed that they were higher in status than other citizens of the town. Due to this belief Emily never had any real relationship with anyone as her life revolved around this only concept of status. She considered her father as her world. Emily father was of the opinion that that none of the boys living in the town were of her match. This story is about a young lady who considered her father as everything in her life. It further tells about the feelings of the town people towards her and her father. The concept of this story is very broad as it can be analyzed from the story that women are always being watched as to what their next action would be. Furthermore, this story tells about the sufferings that Emily had to go through because of the conservative thinking of her father. This essay would further analyze the story from a feminist point of view and would tell the readers about the sufferings that Emily had to go through because of the conservative thinking that her father had and furthermore would tell how she reacted to her unfair surroundings.

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A Rose For Emily portrayed the life of a woman who had gone through difficult phases of life which she had to cope up with. Firstly when her father died, she lost all the support that she had and this made her go into solitude. The town people felt sorry for her after the death of her father. They were curious about her way of living and they kept a close watch on Emily. After the entry of Homer Borron, the tale of this short story takes a change. This new character is a Yankee who came into town is a worker. Homer Barron and Emily are seen often by the townspeople and this creates another speculation by them. As he enters in the scenario the people of the town get curious about the relationship between her and Emily. They further want to know that if Emily would marry Homer Borron or not. In one part of the story when she brings a bottle of poison, without telling what she would use it on, other characters of the story think that she would kill herself. However the story takes another change when Emily asks Homer Barron for wedding, Homer declines to marry Emily, as he did not wish to develop into a dull person as Emily wished him to be. Thus, Homer Barron was poisoned by Emily and kept with her forever. This does not however show a negative side of the character of Emily if viewed from the feminist perspective. The atrocities and the natural disasters which happened in her life changed her entirely. She was able to cope up with the death of her father, however she was not capable enough to lose another acquaintance in her life and thus she took the drastic step. Emily was portrayed as a strong character in the story as the only person she coped up greatly when she lost the only closest person of her life. Furthermore her father rejected marriage offers for Emily while he was alive and this can be viewed as a great mistake done by her father. The conservative thoughts of her father led Emily to live in her own world of solitude. However when she got a chance to marry Homer Barron, he rejected her offer thus making her more emotionally unstable. This point of the story tells how Emily reacted to the action of Homer Barron, however it was unacceptable, but on the contrary it was the only option left for Emily. The speculations on every move of Emily by the townspeople irritated her more but she reacted strongly and convincingly. The towns people kept a watch on every move committed by Emily and made her feel worse after her father. As Emily loved living in her own world she was disturbed by the condolences brought to her by the towns people, however the way Emily handled these condolences was indifferent. This showed that her surroundings did not matter to her no matter how lonely she was. And this again can be viewed as a sign of braveness, intellect and courage.

Emily had never been in contact with town people. She lived her whole life in a beautifully decorated house. She was happy with her life. Her life revolved around her father and his beliefs. Emily lived with the same beliefs even after the death of her father. She was proud and stubborn. She never paid heed to what people used to think or say about her. After the death of her father, she did not agree to the fact that she was left alone. The stubbornness shown by Emily is seen there only when she kills her lover just to keep him with her forever. Emily after killing Homer Barron kept him for 30 more years with her. Emily Grierson is a person who rejects all the ideologies of the modern world and lives by her own will. As she lived all her life with her father she did not know much about the outer world and this can be viewed to have a negative impact on her life. After the death of her father she followed the same beliefs as were her fathers. It is clearly seen in the story that Emily is against modern techniques when she rejects to have a mailbox outside her house. Emily is a person who believes in the past. She believes in the traditions laid down by her father and ancestors. The people of town believed that Emily was a stubborn lady who never listened to anyone. The people living in the town thought that Emily was a lady who was proud of her stature and money. They did not pay much respect and dignity to Emily, however this did not affect the living of Emily as she lived by her own will and methods.

However in my view Emily is a lady who was crushed down by her own environment. Throughout her life she lived with her father and thought that this was her only world. The habits and way of living of Emily was taken from that of her fathers. Her father can be blamed for the stubbornness found in Emily. This discrimination brought to her by her father had a negative impact on the whole life of Emily. But the courage shown by Emily in the story can be highly acknowledged. Emily was a character which showed courage, boldness, bravery and a will to compromise with the unfairness brought to her by life. In the modern world the character of Emily can be widely acknowledged for her self courage to compromise with her surroundings. Not only did she survive the calamity of her father death but she also survived the discrimination showed to her by the towns’ people. In the story the discrimination against women like Emily can be clearly viewed in the old centuries and so can be the after affects of that discrimination be viewed on the lives of women.


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