TOP 10 Ships Essay Topics

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The Seven Voyages of Zheng He

There are seven memorable voyages of the important Chinese diplomat known as Zheng He. The first one featured 317 ships and almost 30,000 men, including repairmen and sailors, along with many other important soldiers for the voyage.The voyage ended up succeeding in its mission and Nanjing was brought back to China for punishment.

Shortly after, Zheng He embarked on his second voyage which took 68 ships out to attend the inauguration of a new king.In the same year, Zheng He went on his third voyage which was fairly similar to the first voyage. However, this one involved a fight that ultimately lead to the capture of the King.

Over many more years from 1409 to 1422, Zheng He and his men went on two other voyages. Lastly, the final and seventh voyage, which took place from 1431 to 1433, is where Zheng died and was buried at sea. To this day, many people across Southeast Asia celebrate the voyages of Zheng He and praise his influence on China.

Understanding What Caused the Fall of the Roman Empire

There are many theories that explain why the fall of the Roman Empire happened. The fall of the Roman Empire refers to when the city of Rome lost its control over the Western Roman Empire.

Ultimately, the Roman Empire lost the strength it needed to continue control. While it is impossible to know exactly what contributed to the fall of Rome, it was likely a combination of factors. The prime reason was the weak state of the army. It was not large enough and their skills were not advanced at this point in time.

Further, the health of the Roman population was facing a rapid decline. Another reason to consider was the change in the economy and the struggle the Romans were facing to maintain power. In 476 C.E. the last Roman emperor was overthrown by a German leader by the name of Odoacer. This marked the final fall of Rome.

While these factors all contributed to the crash of the once triumphant Roman Empire, military losses were the biggest issue at the time. The barbarian groups kept invading causing the entire empire to be under a major threat for several decades, ultimately leading to the final fall of the Roman Empire.

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Enforceable Arrests of Ships According to the International Convention

There are quite a few reasons why the Maritime convention results in limited effects. First, there is no clear definition between specific territories. The definition of arrest can vary from region to region and different laws are in place to protect ships.

The lack of consistency between definitions makes it difficult to enforce maritime arrests. Also, the amendments are regularly changing. This makes it difficult to follow through with arrests at sea. It is important that a universal set of procedures be set to help enforce sea arrests. For better implementation, every country should come together to make decisions about enforceable strategies that are universal across all borders.

Differing state and country laws make this difficult, yet it is not impossible. The 1999 International Convention on the Arrest of Ships was the most recent time this occurred. Here, the Regional Trade Facilitation or RTA was addressed.

Threat to Maritime Security in India

India’s maritime security is in desperate need of improvement. There are many threats to national security within the coastal realm. Increasing this maritime security starts with understanding the basic threats to coastal security as well as national security.

Protecting ships and cargo against direct terrorist attacks can benefit all parties. However, there is a much-needed change that must occur within the threats in India. After the terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2009, it has become clear that India must safeguard their maritime activities for better security.

Many agencies have suggested improvements including the US Coast Guard and other authorities that have done so in the best interests of India’s maritime community. In 1993, India was also vulnerable when explosives were used on a spot on the Raigad coast.

This should have awakened the authorities to the growing need for enhanced maritime security in India. The Group of Ministers addressed the concerns but there is still a major threat to the safety of this region.

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Maritime Satellite Communication: A Thorough Analysis

While Maritime Satellite Communication has rapidly advanced over the past few decades, there are still gaps in communication that must be addressed. The lives of travelers and voyagers are at risk without open lines of communication.

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) used today helps ships to avoid crashes and helps to direct them through the sea. It is used as a short-range tracking system that helps to provide information to the ships and the communicating parties at shore stations. One problem with AIS receivers is that there may be too much time, perhaps two or three hours, between observations. In addition, serious issues can happen if there are too many different transceivers receiving info.

Luckily, new innovators are working to create technology to improve these common maritime satellite communication issues. In April 2021, a new technology known as NortSat 3 improved accuracy and addressed the common concerns for the safety of ships.

All About the Straits of Malacca Passage

The Straits of Malacca is a thin strip of water that runs between the Malaysia Penisula and the Island of Sumatra (Indonesia). It is approximately 500 miles from the widest point.

The Straits of Malacca is important to the world of ships, as it is used as a major cargo lane that transports lots of crude oil. Many dominating countries use this shipping channel between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans.

Thus, it has lots of important economic benefits for the heavily exporting and importing countries. Each year, almost 100,000 ships pass through the Straits of Malacca. This important passageway carries almost a quarter of the world’s traded goods, which includes crucial products of all kinds coming from China and palm oil. While this comes with lots of advantages, the Strait of Malacca is also a target area for potential problems.

This includes an area for acts of terrorism and a high possibility of wildfires in Indonesia. In addition to that, the ships passing through may need to slow down and stall the global trade as a result of the haze produced by wildfires.

Enviornmental Issues in Malaysia and Their Effects on Naval Operations

One of Malaysia’s biggest environmental issues is its problem with water pollution. Water pollution in this region originates from point sources and non-point sources. For example, point sources include the manufacturing and industries with sewage treatment plans causing this water pollution.

Other factors from non-point sources include surface runoff and a vast number of agricultural activities. Nevertheless, most of the water pollution in Malaysia is linked to tin mining, rubber, and palm oil industries. These water pollution issues impact ships and naval operations in ways many people do not realize.

Maritime environmental issues can impact the naval operations of the country in various ways and we must pay closer attention to how to address these issues. In addition to water pollution, there are other environmental factors that pose a risk to naval operations. Air pollution is a major factor. The future of this planet is dependent on how we choose to address these environmental issues in Malaysia which can have an impact on the rest of sea operations.

All About Ship Registration

International law requires that ships are registered and documented. This means the owners have to state which country their ship comes from and register the ownership of the ship.

It is important that ships are registered to help keep track of how to enforce laws. Many voyages use the term flag state, which identifies the country that the ship is originally registered in. When it travels, it must be subject to the particular laws of the country of origin, no matter where it goes.

When the first ships began traveling overseas with the advance of modern cargo ships, the concept of ship registration began to matter even more. Originally, the idea was intended to control cargo ships going overseas in Europe.

However, today, ship registration is an important concept as it prevents ships from violating international treaties and laws pertaining to overseas ships. Ships of every type in any country have to be registered to be considered legal.

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15th to 20th Century Ship Transformation

Over the years, ships have transformed in many ways. In the Christopher Columbus era in the 15th and 16th centuries, there was not much technology available to build long-lasting ships. They were able to make the voyage with the ships they had, but they were nothing like today’s ships.

Earlier vessels featured a basic design and moved very slowly. Later, in the 19th century, steamships were created which were different from anything developed previously. The steamships could use the power of the wind and steam to move forward. This was a turning point in the world of voyages. Then, in the 20th century, the first ships with oil allowed for the transport of much bigger items.

Cargo ships then became popular which made technology and use of ships much different than back in Columbus's time. This shows the power of modern innovations and technology and how they can change the world we live in.

Understanding the General Average Act of York Antwerp Rules

One part of the York Antwerp Rules is known as the General Average Act. The York Antwerp Rules are a set of maritime rules which defined the rights of ship owners. The general average has to have a few conditions to meet before it can be declared. These include the fuel, cargo, and vessel of the ship.

The people on the ship have to take every measure to save these parts of the ship if there is imminent danger to the ship and the cargo within it. While this York Antwerp Rule was from 1890, many things suggest it is an older maritime law that dates back much further. It may even date back to the times of ancient Greece.

The important thing to understand about the General Average Act of the York Antwerp Rules is that everyone involved in a shipping venture needs to share all losses and make equal sacrifices to save cargo on the ship.