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12 Best Online Tutoring Websites for All Students in 2021

It’s pretty easy to get discouraged when you don’t get something immediately in college. When that happens, try these best online tutoring websites for seamless learning.
Allan T
Sep 17, 2021

Why Should You Give These Online Tutoring Websites a Chance? 

So, you've decided to give online learning a try! Whether it's because some professors are unavailable or the subject is challenging, there are many online resources available to assist you. To help you select the most beneficial practices, we've compiled this guide.

When choosing an online resource, there are many factors to consider such as your learning style, subject of interest, and budget. It can be time-consuming to research and compare all the available options. That's why we've already done the work for you.

Our list includes popular options for students that offer high-quality education at affordable prices. We've categorized them based on the topic you need help with.

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If you’re ready, let’s dive right in!

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Upper-Class Online Classes - The Best of the Best


Pricing: $10 - $700/hour, depending on the subject you need help with.

Wyzant is great if you love to learn live and with other people directly assisting you. They have in-person tutoring and online tutoring services and offer help with more than 300 subjects. Some of them are Algebra, Chemistry, English, Spanish, Test Prep, and Study Skills. And even Guitar Playing.

Some steps before starting your first lesson are answering general questions about your desired subject, learning goals, and pace. Then you can pick an instructor you find will be the best fit and contact them to chat about the different terms of tutoring. If everything’s in order, you can book your first lesson! Make sure to be on time and come prepared.

If you’re not satisfied with the service and the level of instruction, Wyzant promises to pay for your first hour!

Varsity Tutors

Pricing: It depends on the subject you’re learning and the tutor you choose.

Varsity is impressive at matching you with the perfect tutor for your needs and learning desires. There are more than 2,500 subjects to learn, with 40,000 tutors to help you. And the good news is - it’s not just for college students. Kindergarten, elementary, middle school, or high school students can all benefit from Varsity, with different programs suited to their needs.

You can even choose the goal of your lessons. Maybe you’re stuck with a problem, want to prepare for a test, or simply want to learn more. But if you’re here with some homework problems or other quick questions, their Instant Tutoring feature can connect you with a tutor in 15 seconds!

Other than 1-on-1 tutoring, you can get assistance with small and large group classes, respectively. Feel free to create a free account and explore all the different options that make Varsity Tutors one of the best tutoring sites online.


  • $1 per 1 minute
  • $69 per two hours monthly
  • $119 per four hours monthly
  • $209 per eight hours monthly

TutorMe includes professors from Ivy League colleges in the United States. They say they train their teachers well and have an acceptance rate of 4%, which shows how selective TutorMe is with their tutors. This also shows the level of expertise they have and their willingness to assist others in academic pursuits.

You can contact the teacher 24/7 in less than half a minute. All lessons, whether video, audio, screen sharing, or similar, are archived for students to access after the session. They encourage students to visit TutorMe for help with anything from math problems to computer programming and learning languages to studying finance. 

They cover more than 300 subjects and offer thousands of teachers who specialize in those. You can even access the demo lesson space to take a peek into what awaits you. Spoiler alert: they’re very professional and engaging!


  • $0.5/minute 
  • $15/30 minutes
  • Monthly plans - from $7.49 to $12.99

TutorEye offers the lowest online learning fees! Their teachers are not randomly pulled out from the database but are selected through a careful process that combines them with their ideal students. They’re proud of achieving countless symbiotic-like relationships, where the tutor enjoys teaching, and the student benefits and grows from it.

Their usage-based pricing is specifically designed for instant homework help. They also offer a free trial for their plan, so you can dip your toe in the waters of TutorEye and see if you’re comfortable. There’s no doubt you’ll be, as their professional service and delivery make students feel at home.

With countless 5-star reviews, TutorEye can help you with Math, Science, Languages, and Test Preparation, 24/7, with comfortable pricing. So, if you’re ready for a challenge, hop on to their website, and start your learning journey!

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  • 1 hour -  $45  
  • 4 hours -  $150

Smarthinking from Pearson offers a wide range of subjects with 24/7 learning support. Teachers are teachers and professionals with a lot of teaching experience and expertise in their subject. In addition to Smarthinking training and certification, approximately 90% of teachers in this program have earned a Masters’s or Ph.D. in their field. 

Many school teachers even buy different Smarthinking programs for their students. Along with covering many subjects, like Math & Stat, Business, Science, and Tech, they offer services such as professional Resume and Essay Reviews and SAT/ACT practice.

Smarthinking has helped millions of people reach their academic goals and advance in their careers and professional life. It’s one of the most professional tutoring sites online and even offers some samples of the previous work they’ve completed with other students!

Club Z

Pricing: It depends on the subject and the tutor you pick.

Club Z offers home and online training in over 300 subjects. They say their lessons are 98% satisfying and will help you increase your grade in just 60 days. They offer the same guarantee as Wyzant, with the first hour free if you don’t feel you’ve made progress with the first tutor you’ve chosen. 

Subjects range from preschool to general education skills, music lessons, foreign languages, and SAT/ACT practice. With their 24/7 support, these types of online tutoring platforms are favorite among students who need easy and direct help.

Their specialty is STEM subjects, which they’ll teach to anyone, regardless of age or prior experience. They also have a program for those with learning disabilities which is completely adjusted and professionally designed. They even offer tutoring jobs - so, if Club Z grows on you, you know where to enjoy your future tutoring career!

Online Help With SAT and ACT Practice



  • Complete SAT Online Prep - $397, 1-year access to the resource with hundreds of lessons, quizzes, and educational videos available
  • PrepScholar Classes - $895, online group classes with experienced teachers
  • Complete+ Tutoring - $995, personal tutoring for maximum SAT score increase

A site that was specifically designed to prepare students for a wide range of tests regardless of specialty. It offers a huge library of educational materials as well as some of the best educators that will help you pinpoint and eliminate any imperfections in your knowledge. An array of available quizzes will allow you to test your newly acquired skills and build confidence. 

Group online lessons will motivate you to keep up with the rest of the class. And if you need a personalized approach - you can get Complete+ Tutoring that comes with the undivided attention of a personal tutor. A perfect choice for those who struggle with staying focused when studying alone.

  • 1 hour per month - $39.99
  • 2 hours per month - $79.99
  • 3 hours per month - $114.99

The tutors on this page run the range, from graduate and Ivy League, Doctors, Professors, and Pilots. In addition to the same lessons offered by many of the others on this list, also has articles directly published by their tutors. They can help students who appreciate reading as a form of studying!

They offer round-the-clock training in dozens of subjects and recently partnered with Princeton Review to offer more teaching opportunities. Create a account, then log in for a tutorial session any time. 

You can do individual homework help lessons, as well as SAT/ACT preparation packages, and so much more. This is one of the tutoring platforms that students all over simply love and can’t go without.

Revolution Prep

  • Small group - $199/month
  • You and two other students - $199
  • Private tutoring - $1,398

Revolution Prep is known for its SAT/ACT reviews with live tutors, but it also offers on-demand prep videos and homework help in almost 40 subjects. All teachers and tutors are full-time educators, so you’ll be getting professional help from teaching experts. 

They offer online programs to teach in groups or individually. They also provide school counselors to help students and families create clear educational plans and adapt them to certain needs. With free webinars for parents, they take care of the environment so you can learn and grow academically.

Revolution Prep programs are designed to increase your grades and to achieve higher test scores. If you want to start learning with them but don’t know where you can contact their team members to help you decide what to pick.


  • SAT/ACT test prep basic - $425, three hours of online tutoring, with a practice test and a study plan included
  • SAT/ACT test prep advanced - $1,895, ten hours of online tutoring, unlimited practice tests, access to professional online prep resources

Employed primarily by faculty, college and university lecturers, and assistants, tutors at TutaPoint offer some of the best online training services on the market to prepare you for the infamous SAT and ACT tests. 

Each online prep student receives the test instructions and a personalized coaching guide tailored to their specific strengths and weaknesses. Most plans also include access to an online portal with quizzes, exercises, and TutaPoint workbooks. There is even a mock-up practice test to help you wrap your head around it.

Students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or learning disabilities can access live sessions with TutaPoint tutors who are specially trained to help students with learning disabilities.

Best Online Math Tutoring Websites


Pricing: Varies; estimates range from $200 to $300 per program.

Mathnasium is a neighborhood-based Mathematics franchise with over 1,000 different locations. Mathnasium@home is an online alternative that offers individualized math programs that are personalized and taught by some of the most well-known Math teachers and experts out there. 

The quality of the service is guaranteed, as students seem to love Mathnasium’s straightforward explanations, engaging classes, and exciting concepts. Homework and exam preparation assistance are included in the curriculum, and periodic assessments are used to regularly assess each student’s progress. 

The Mathnasium program is designed to help high school students struggling with math and advanced students who are challenged and want to improve their overall STEM game. A private tutor develops a personal plan that takes into account the student's specific strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the world of numbers, so each student feels valid and heard.


Pricing: $.82/minute, and the minimum is 15 minutes, or $12.30.

Skooli is characterized by its pricing, which is one of the cheapest out there. This makes Skooli a direct and valuable addition for things like complex math problems or difficult homework, rather than helping you with entire courses. 

You can find hundreds of qualified teachers sorted by their subject or the degree they have. Classes are available on any device you're used to, so you can directly access your teacher on the go or schedule sessions for the future. Students can view personalized feedback from tutors and replay recorded sessions.

Along with preparation for the SAT and ACT, you can get help with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Writing, English, Computer Science, and Languages. Skooli is one of the best online Physics helpers as it offers professional guidance on Physics topics from general mechanics to complex quantum theory.

Best Online Language Tutoring


Pricing: It depends on the language you’re learning and the pace you prefer.

Preply, one of the best online language learning services, has thousands of native speakers from around 180 countries around the world. Students can use Preply to expand their working vocabulary, do their homework in a foreign language, and achieve seamless communication with people from all over the globe.

You can search language teacher profiles to read reviews from other students to make sure you find the best for you and your child as well. Students who are not satisfied with their first session with a new teacher can get another Preply teacher for free or receive a full refund!

Each Preply language teacher sets their own price and schedule so you can search by availability, language, or price. Once you've agreed on an initial session that's suitable for you and your teacher, feel free to meet with them to discuss your wants. After you do so, here comes the first lesson - so make sure to be prepared!